Why Email Marketing?

Even though this book is on email marketing, you need to come to terms with some truths about it. For one, email marketing is not as effective as it used to be. To be more exact, email marketing started to lose the effectiveness it used to have prior to Facebook’s popularity. As of this time of writing, more Internet users spend more time checking their Facebook and Twitter account daily.

Slightly more than half of the global Internet users have a Facebook account and people aged 20 and below prefer to check their Facebook account for messages than their email! You can say the same for Twitter in spite of its 140 character limitations per direct messaging.

And get this: Gmail, one of the leading email providers, had recently implemented the ‘priority markers’ feature allowing their users to mark selected emails as important and thus change the ways people prioritize their emails for reading consumption every time they check their Inbox. And let’s be honest: promotional emails rarely ever reach PRIORITY status!

Then they a smart system that detects and filters spam emails and it gets tweaked frequently, therefore making even legit email marketing harder. In the recent past, email marketing quickly became the preferred method of contact for businesses looking to cut expenses, connect with buyers and increase profits.

However, as the dynamic world of marketing has progressed, analysts are have encountered some disadvantages to e-mail marketing that have made other alternatives like direct marketing campaigns or text campaigns look more appealing.

The advantages are as below:

Most Of What You Invest, You Get

Recent research shows that for every dollar invested in E-mail marketing, you can expect that according to the Direct Marketing Association, E-mail marketing in 2009, acquired for $ 43.52. So E-mail Marketing has the highest return on investment than other marketing methods.

It Is Very Meaningful

You can customize messages for different customers and provide contents and promotions that are consistent with their profile. Finally, your customers acquire what they want and thus they obtain better view about what each section of current business will respond. So you can continue to send more relevant emails.


By email marketing, you can easily find the number of E-mails sent, number of E-mails that have been opened and that those who have opened up, the number of people who are not registered, and click rate (which includes the link been effective and who clicked on it)

It Is Easy

Creating a marketing message via E-mail is almost as easy as writing an email.
It Is Automatic

Email marketing has a tool called an “autoresponder”. For example, if you want to send a campaign message to your recipients on special days you just create the messages and schedule it.

It Is Fast And Efficient

Timing is everything, so it can be said: this is a quick and efficient way. Offers promotions through E-mail with a clear call to action, can have tremendous impact on earnings. Channels cannot provide any possibility for you in a short period of time so as to obtain the customer directly.

E-mail marketing is known as a permission marketing and it is one of its advantages because it allows customers to decide whether they want to be reached via email. Mass customization are enabled by E-mail marketing so each message is unique to each customer, it helps marketers to inform the success of their promotions easily and quickly, it provides a major insights into the recipient’s actions through measurable events such as message open, hyperlinks clicked.